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The Skinny Black Man
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July 31, 2004

Skinny Black Man in Scotland 

We're here! We've made it! In fact, we've been here for a day now and it awesome! Having never been in a European country before I find myself being the stupid American saying "Um, does that mean the same thing here?" The Scottish are very kind don't laugh at me, although I can see the smirk in their eye.

I'm horribly jet lagged. I didn't sleep much on the plane and was ridiculously tired once we arrived. After a brief misunderstanding of where our apartment was (the cab driver mis-read the address) we were welcomed to our flat by our hostess, Claire. Claire is a wonderfully sweet and attentive host. Immediately when we walked in, she showed us our flat (which is directly acrosss from hers) and then told us she was cooking dinner and we were welcomed to join her. Anxious to get out and see the city we politely declined and went on our way. We got out into the city and found Dean something to eat (which apparently was horrible, he took 2 bites and tossed it) then we found an internet cafe and went in to send emails to let people know we made it ok. Unfortuantely jet lag began to set in quickly and it was apparent to the both of us that we were heading home after the cafe.

Dean left before I did, and when I went back, I was able to find the building ok, but couldn't get my key to open the flat door. Luckily there were only 2 flats on our floor, and I was positive on the correct floor. So, since I knew Dean was home, I rang the bell. I was greeted by 2 girls I hadn't yet met and figured they were flat mates. I said "Hi, my name is Victor." And they opened the door and said, "Come on in, you belong here." Actually, I had entered the wrong flat, mine was across the hall, but as the showed me into the "drawing" room, I discovered about six people all sitting down to dinner and wine. I initially thought there was some special occasion and I should excuse myself, because I didn't fit into the group, but as I was to learn, this happens just about every night. I was fairly quickly handed a glass of wine and conversation went round and round about everything, stopping only briefly for someone to re-explain to me what had just been said (sometimes I can't understand what they are saying. I know it's "enlish" but the accents kill me.) A while later we decided to go to a pub and much to my surprise, Dean joined us. After a few pints (I'm beggining to enjoy saying that) we headed off to another bar/club where there was dancing as well as drinking. All and all it was a good night and it wasn't until the sun came up that I realized, I was tired 8 hours ago.

I went to bed and immediately passed out. When I woke up, I discovered it was 2pm. Yikes! This was going to put a serious damper on my plans to roam the city. And since Dean hadn't joined us at the second bar or for the conversation that followed so I figured he would be up already. I wiped the sleep out of my eyes and stumble across the hall to Claire's flat, where I was promptly greeted with juice and rolls (a standard breakfast.) I sat and chowed and woke up and finally asked, "Where's Dean?" "Still sleeping I believe," responded Claire. What?!?!? I marched over to the flat, a little worried, and knocked on Dean's door. A groggy "yeah." I open the door and ask Dean if he's ok. "Yeah, what time is it?" "About 3." "3?" "Yes, in fact, it a quarter after 3." "3?" "Yes, 3." "Holy balls!" I must say it was quite humorous. So we're up and off for the day.

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