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The Skinny Black Man
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August 6, 2004

1 week and counting 

So we've been here for a solid week now. I have to say it has been an
experience. We started our previews 2 days ago and we had 25 people
in the audience, which is apparently pretty damn good. EdCom4, the
company that is producing our show, has never had a show do that well
on a preview, especially on the first day. Their is beginning to be
buzz about our show around the festival, and everyone is saying it's
going to be a hit. I won't hold my breath just yet, but it does look
good. Our second preview had about 32, although we officially opened
today and only had 20. Tomorrow business should pick up because it
will be Saturday and loads of people come out apparently, but that
won't be the busiest time. I'm told that the festival doesn't really
pick up until about 2 weeks into it and then it gets really crazy.
We've already had an article in "The London Times" about the show,
which is apparently good as well and if the reviewers come and say
much of the same that everyone else is saying we will definately sell
out. It's all very exciting and I can't wait to see what happens.

Other than the show, life in Edinburgh is very interesting. Of the
Scottish food that I have had, I haven't liked much of it. Thankfully
there are quite a few resturants in the city and some of them have
American quisine. The first day we were here we found a "Subway" and
I tried to hold out, but on day 3 I ate there, since I have found a
few resturants "Favorit" and "Negotiants" that serve good food.

Luckily, alcohol is international and I haven't had a single problem
finding a drink. And I have to say, the Scotsmen do live up to their
reputations as being drinkers. The first couple of nights we were
here, I was sure that my liver would request it's own passport so it
could go home early, but luckily I have been able to say "I have a lot
of work to do in the morning" and since it's for the festival, they
let me go, or should I say the point me in the right direction and
give me a good hard push.

Our living situation is quite communial, which at present time,
doesn't bother me, but I believe it's beginning to wear on Dean a bit.
Having known Dean for the last 8 years, I know he likes his alone
time and if he can't be alone, he would appreciate it if you didn't
talk to him. Well, here in our own little version of "The Real World
- Edinburgh" there is little, if any alone time. And everyone is so
ridiculously polite that they are always asking if you need anything
or making polite conversation. Not so good for Dean. Claire, the
woman who we rent the rooms from and also our savior on the day of the
preview, is almost too considerate. This morning I woke up cranky and
not feeling too well, but it's normal for me to come over for a cup of
tea and to check email and what not (they have broadband, but only in
one of the flats) and I am used to a small amount of conversation, but
this morning was exhausting. I guess to her credit, I didn't look
well (Later on Dean asked me if I was ok, because I looked pail(which
is somewhat of a feat for me to pull off)) so she kept asking me how I
felt and what I needed. I just wanted to say "Shut up!", but I
couldn't because she was just trying to be nice, however annoying it
was. And she did cook me breakfast and make me some tea that actually
made me feel better, so I can't complain. At least not yet.

So that's it for this week, I'd like to write more but down time is
getting harder to come by so that I can sit and write a blog, but I
will try and update as often as I can. Until next time!!!
Skinny Black ManThis has been an official message from the Skinny Black Man

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