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The Skinny Black Man
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August 2, 2004

Day 4 

So we've been in Scotland for a few days now and have settled into sort of a rountine that is about to change. Normally I wake up and stumble across the hall to Claire's flat for a spot of toast and a cup of tea and some early morning conversation with the flat mates (there are about 8 of them.) Then it's out for a walk about, trying to get a lay of the land. Then it's back to the flat for an unavoidable nap (I'm not sure if it's still jet lag or the fact that I've been up until about 5am every night.) I wake up sometime in the evening and stumble back over to Claire's flat for some dinner (if you can call it that. Of all the wonderful things in Scotland, the food isn't one of them) and some wine. Then it's time for more wine, followed by conversation followed by even more wine. I dare say in the beginning of the evening, I will personally polish off the better part of 3 bottles of wine by myself. Once we stopped drinking wine, we move on to beer! Yes, the rumors are true, the Scots drink like there's no tomorrow. Once we've finished the beer, we generally move on to something harder. The first night we were here, we went out and I convinced a few of the mates (hehe, I love saying that) to have shots of tequila. That's right, my influence over people's drinking habits has now officially extended to Europe. Since then, however, we've been home and I've been privy to a 16 year old single malt scotch (they just call it whiskey here, oddly enough) and let me tell you it's fantastic. There's nothing like ending your day sipping on good whiskey and having good conversation. That tends to go until about 5 in the morning and I head off to bed only to repeat it again the next day.

I have to say, I'm not sure I can keep this up for a month, but I'll be forced to try, and apparently this is just the calm before the storm....yikes!

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