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The Skinny Black Man
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August 22, 2004

Having a good time...ready to go home 

We have 8 more shows to do and 10 days until we come home. I've been having a wonderful time, but now I'm ready to go home. I've met some ultra-cool people, drank absinthe for the first time, partied until way past dawn most days and nights, performed a show that has been a success in every facet that I can think of(we just got another good review today: http://observer.guardian.co.uk/review/story/0,6903,1288019,00.html), people are talking about us in a good way, I have walked more in the last three weeks that I walked in the previous year, I've experienced more rain than I have in the past year and drank more than twice my body weight in Guinness alone, it's time to come home. Home to sunshine and brownish-blue skies, to rush hour traffic and live telecast car chases. Home to life in the fast lane, when I feel as if sometimes it will swallow me whole if I can't keep up. Home to a place where I'm finding it hard to catch a break, but I keep banging my head against the wall, because I somehow enjoy the pain. Home to the city of lost angels and hollyweirdness. The only place I've ever felt comfortable calling home. Los Angeles. So start my car and cut up some sushi. I'll be home in less than 2 weeks and none too soon.

Until next time!
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