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The Skinny Black Man
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August 20, 2004

The Home Stretch 

Wow! It's hard to believe I've been here this long already and have less than 2 weeks left until we come home. We've performed everyday since August 4th except for one day, and I don't find myself tired of the show at all. I assumed that by this time I would be begging for the show to be over, but that is not the case. Everyday with the show is a challenge because each audience is different and that keeps everything interesting. 2 days ago we had our most difficult show in that, they didn't respond the way any other audience had responded so Dean and I were constantly making changes on the fly and just when it seemed like we had them they pulled back and we had to find them again. That lasted for the entire show, but at the end you could tell they enjoyed it just as much as any other audience, so we knew we had done our jobs and that is a great feeling.

My liver flew back to California last week. It didn't even bother to tell me that it was going and I don't know how it came up with the air fare, but I woke up to find a note saying that it was tired and feeling abused so it left. Funny thing is, I haven't missed it that much, apparently it was slacking off before it left, so it is good that it left, so it can be fresh when I get back to Hollyweird.

I've made quite a few friends here (oddly enough) and we end up hanging out until well after the sun comes up (it comes up at about 4:30). It reminds me of my days in Vegas when I worked the swing shift from noon to 8pm and would go out every night. The major difference is, it rains here a lot. We were spoiled for the first couple of days with nice weather, and apparently that's all we were allowed. It's funny because sometimes I wake up and it's sunny, but sure as the wind blows, before I leave the house it's raining. I'm tired of being wet for all the wrong reasons. I can't wait to get back to the comforting heat of California. Yes, even thought I'm having an excellent time, I'm starting to get homesick. Luckily, I'm not like Dean and don't have a wife, or girlfriend who I miss and would like to come home to, who would welcome me with open arms and kiss me and tell me how much they miss me and playfully ask me never to leave them for that long ever again. Yeah...I'd hate that....boy, would I hate...that...(sarcasm is lost on the internet)

OK, I'm off to eat and maybe see a show. Until next time
Skinny Black ManThis has been an offical message from The Skinny Black Man.

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