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The Skinny Black Man
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July 28, 2005

4 more days...AGAIN! 

OK, so it's really 3 3/4 days, but whose counting? We did the show last night, which was good. I found myself a little nervous before the show, but I think that was more about leaving for Scotland, than performing the show.

Nightline interviewed Dean right before the show. He's such a fucking pro! I think it was a really good interview. Now let's hope they use it.

The show last night was good, and very necessary. We needed to knock a little rust off, especially since we start previews the next day after we get into town. And as much as I thought the show was a little off, the audience seemed to enjoy, so damn what I think!

I'm getting really excited about going back to Scotland. Well, except for the rain. And the fact that it's only 50 to 60 degrees right now. And the fact that we have to walk EVERYWHERE!

Wait, why am I excited again?

Oh yeah, the show! And drinking Guiness until 5 in AM when the sun has already come up. Yeah, some parts will suck, but most if it will kick ass!

Look out Edinbugh, here we come again!

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