The Skinny Black Man
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Victor Isaac
Height: 5'9"
Weight: 130
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Black
Taxi Supporting Dir. Tim Story
Hooves of Destiny Starring Dir. Trey Stokes
Fish Guys Starring Dir. Trey Stokes
Hold Up Starring Dir. Tanya Boyd
The Waiting Room Starring Dir. Jessie Marion
*Group Dynamics and You Starring Dir. Jessie Marion
**Guns on the table Starring Dir. Sharon Steinhauser
Being John Malkovich Featured Dir. Spike Jonze
Lighter Bandits Supporting Dir. James McGuire
Men are Sluts Supporting Dir. Spanky
Mitch Henry Supporting Dir. Hal Sparks
Stand-Up (selected venues)
Laughs Unlimited (Sacramento) Luna Park The Hacienda Casino
The Java Hut The Comedy Store Porky's
The Ice House The Cellar Lounge The Rainbow
The Casablanca The Debbie Reynolds Casino Sante Fe Hotel and Casino
PunchBelly Presents: Your Own Personal Jesus Various (sketch) Improv Olympic West
View of the Dome Derek Sacred Fools Theater
PBTV Various (sketch) Improv Olympic West
4 Naked Guys Various (sketch) Improv Olympic West
And then there were 4 Various (sketch) Improv Olympic West
PunchBelly Various (improv) Improv Olympic West
Heaven Derek Sacred Fools Theater
Small Town Various (Improv) Improv Olympic West
Bass Various (Improv) Improv Olympic West
Am I Cool? Dancer (lead) McCadden Place Theater
How Kintu Became a Man Kakuzi Greenway Court Theater
Slow and Tight E.B./Addict Sacred Fools Theater
Crime Scene Various (over 2 years) Sacred Fools Theater
A Christmas Thrance Dancer (Lead) The McCadden Place Theater
A Soldier's Story Corporal Ellis The ArtShare Theater
Feet Grassman Sacred Fools Theater
*Why are you crying? Various (sketch) Sidewalk Studio Theater
*Marvin and Margaret present: Dead Poet's Shakespeare Marvin Aah!capella Theater
El Mutiny Various (sketch/improv) Las Vegas (various venues)
*Co-written by Victor Isaac
**Written by Victor Isaac
Commercials (List Available on Request)
Improvisation Improv Olympic West, Goof Theater (Las Vegas)
Acting Creative Actor's Workshop
Cold Reading Patrick Prankhurst
Nominated for "Ovation Award" for "How Kintu became a man" (Best Ensemble)
Audience Award for "Guns on the Table" at Wild West Digital Shootout Film Festival
1st Place of 40 - "Funniest Man in Las Vegas"
5th Place of 125 - "Jay Leno Comedy Challenge" Regional
Special Skills
Basketball, Volleyball, Stand-Up Comedy, Improvisation, Can bend both thumbs at 90 degree angle boackwards, I am Skinny Black Man!!